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May 2017

01-May-2017: Matthew Halsall at Ronnies

April 2017

30-Apr-2017: Lionel Loueke at Ronnies

29-Apr-2017: The Zorbs, Ascape Studios

25-Apr-2017 : Maria Chiara Argiro at Pizza Express

22-Apr-2017: Ezra Collective at Ronnies

14-Apr-2017: Julian Siegel Quartet at Ronnies

14-Apr-2017: Chihiro Yamanaka at Ronnies

03-Apr-2017: Jeff Parker at Ronnies

March 2017

27-Mar-2017: Matthew Bourne at JITR

21-Mar-2017: Wallace Roney Quintet at Ronnies

18-Mar-2017: Tim Garland / Phronesis at Ronnies

17-Mar-2017: Omar Puente at Ronnies

15-Mar-2017: Soweto Kinch at Ronnies

14-Mar-2017: Kokomo at The Half Moon

13-Mar-2017: John McLaughlin at Ronnies

08-Mar-2017: Nick Costley-White at The Vortex

05-Mar-2017: Wolfgang Muthspiel at Ronnies

February 2017

27-Feb-2017: Tribute to Chet Baker, JITR

23-Feb-2017: Debbie Sledge & Niels Lan Doky Trio at Ronnies

20-Feb-2017: Freedom at The Vortex

16-Feb-2017: Matthew Sulzmann at The Vortex

13-Feb-2017: Darius Brubeck at Ronnies

12-Feb-2017: Wildcard at Ronnies

11-Feb-2017: Jaimeo Brown Transendance at Ronnies

08-Feb-2017: Dikeman, Serries, Lisle & Webster at The Vortex

03-Feb-2017: Dr Lonnie Smith at Ronnies

January 2017

30-Jan-2017: Dinosaur at JITR

30-Jan-2017: Alina Bzhezhinska Lazorkina at Toulouse Lautrec

25-Jan-2017: Heinen, Bartley & Young at The Vortex

21-Jan-2017: James Carter Organ Trio at Ronnies

13-Jan-2017: Nicola Conte at Ronnies

07-Jan-2017: Natalie Williams Soul Family, featuring Tawiah and followed by Scott McKeon's super jam at Ronnie Scotts

December 2016

15-Dec-2016: Sumochief at Mau Mau for Jazz:refreshed

November 2016

29-Nov-2016: Blues Jam, Fiddler's Elbow

28-Nov-2016: Jazz In The Round, headliners Hawkins/Mitchener Quartet

20-Nov-2016: Oz Noy at Ronnie Scotts

18-Nov-2016: Charlie Hunter at Ronnie Scotts

10-Nov-2016: Kurt Elling / Brandee Younger at Ronnie Scotts

08-Nov-2016: Noizemaschin #9 at The Amersham Arms

06-Nov-2016:  Walk #4640, in the Kentish north Downs, around Crockham Hill.

05-Nov-2016: Fireworks, Crystal Palace

October 2016

29-Oct-2016: Match&Fuse Festival

20-Oct-2016: The Julian Siegel Quartet at Kings Place

19-Oct-2106: Jenny Hval, Oslo, Hackney

17-Oct-2016:  Dee Dee Bridgewater at Ronnie Scotts

14-Oct-2016: Kokomo, The Half Moon, Putney

09-Oct-2016: Patara & Around, western Turkey

September 2016

27-Sep-2016: Stacey Kent, Ronnie Scotts

26-Sep-2016: Jazz In The Round, Tori Freestone Trio, Nikki Yeoh, Ezra Collective

24-Sep-2016: Hampstead Heath

15-Sep-2015: Maisha at Mau Mau

13-Sep-2016: Incognito, Ronnie Scotts

10-Sep-2016: Late summer, Hampstead Heath

3-Sep-2016: Rainy Saturday, Hampstead Heath

August 2016

21-Aug-2016: Old Delhi, India

July 2016

25-Jul-2016: Ant Law Trio at JITR

08-Jul-2016: Noizemaschin #8

03-Jul-2016: Love Supreme

June 2016

26-Jun-2016: Cornwall, the land west of the Tamar

14-Jun-2016: Noizemaschin #7

May 2016

30-May-2016: Geoff Eales, Transience, JITR

April 2016

25-Apr-2016: JITR with Denys Baptiiste's Late Trane, Phil Achille and Flying Machines

17-Apr-2016: All Tomorrows Parties, Prestatyn

11-Apr-2016: Freedom, The Vortex

07-Apr-2016: Kefaya, The Vortex

06-Apr-2016: Kokomo, The Half Moon

04-Apr-2016: Noizemaschin #5, The Amersham Arms

March 2016

30-Mar-2016: Geoff Eales album launch, Pizza Express

29-Mar-2016: Classical Kicks, Ronnie Scotts

28-Mar-2016: ~ISQ, Jason Yarde, Jeff Williams, JITR

20-Mar-2016: Bike Porn, Hayward Gallery, South Bank

14-Mar-2016: Bad Ash (Jones, Lewandowski, Sanders), The Oxford, Kentish Town

12-Mar-2016: Marta Capponi, Toulouse Lautrec

10-Mar-2016: Vein, The Vortex

09-Mar-2016: Heinen & Cohen, ARQ, The Vortex

08-Mar-2016: Juliet Kelly, Tori Freestone & Alcyona Mick, The Vortex

07-Mar-2016: Freedom, featuring Marta Capponi, The Vortex

03-Mar-2016: Vula Viel, The Vortex

February 2016

29-Feb-2016: Empirical, Django Bates, Parker/Jurd/Robinson/Hawkins, JITR

27-Feb-2016: Bristol Fashion - a photo walk in Bristol

25-Feb-2016: Handsley, Goller & Boyd, Mau Mau

24-Feb-2016: Empirical at Old Street tube

22-Feb-2016: Monday Night Jam, Ain't Nothin But...

20-Feb-2016: Niall Cropper photo shoot, West Hampstead

12-Feb-2016: The Sphinx Trio, The Vortex

09-Feb-2016: Dunmall, Noble,  Edwards and Sanders, The Vortex

06-Feb-2016: John Etheridge, The Vortex

January 2016

25-Jan-2016 : Bahla, Julie Kaer, Enemy, JITR

19-Jan-2016 : By The Way, The Vortex

16-Jan-2016 : Freestone, Mick and Phillips, The Vortex

09-Jan-2016 : Qualia, The Vortex

December 2015

25-Dec-2015 : Christmas Day with the family in NW6

24-Dec-2015 : transientlife round-up of the year 2015

22-Dec-2015 : Camilla George Quartet with Zara McFarlane, The Vortex

18-Dec-2015 : Led Bib (upstairs) and Nicolas Simion (downstairs), The Vortex

14-Dec-2015 : The Monday Jam, Ain't Nothin' But...

10-Dec-2015 : Alex Merritt Quartet, The Vortex

05-Dec-2015: The Improvisers' Choir, The Vortex

November 2015

30-Nov-2015 : J-Sonics, Watts & Grew, Food, JITR

29-Nov-2015 : Alex Munk's Flying Machine, The Omnibus

26-Nov-2015 : Melt Yourself Down, Bussey Building

25-Nov-2015 : World Service Project, Underworld

24-Nov-2015 : Eddie Prevost & Jason Yarde, The Vortex

20-Nov-2015 : Fontanelles, Hideaway

19-Nov-2015 : Played Twice "Mingus Ah Um", Brilliant Corners

18-Nov-2015 : Kairos 4tet, Rich Mix

16-Nov-2015 : Liam Noble, Ollie Howell Quintet, Jazz & Surgery, LJF JITR

14-Nov-2015 : Annie Whitehead, The Vortex

13-Nov-2015 : London jazz week kicks off with a Match&Fuse gig at Kings Place featuring LABtrio and Laura Jurd's Dinosaur

09-Nov-2015 : Freedom, The Vortex

04-Nov-2015 : Autumn day, Hampstead Heath with Jonah Cropper

01-Nov-2015 : Foggy day in Richmond Park

October 2015

29-Oct-2015 : Filomena Campus & friends, The Vortex

26-Oct-2015 : Theon Cross, Raymond MacDonald, Jean Toussaint, JITR

25-Oct-2015 : Crystal Palace park, autumn

20-Oct-2015 : Dan Messore & Friends, The Vortex

19-Oct-2015 : Monday Jam, Ain't Nothing But...

17-Oct-2015 : Match & Fuse festival 2015, Vortex, Cafe Oto, Servants Jazz Quarters

September 2015

28-Sep-2015 : On The Slide, Binker & Moses, Noel Langley's Edentide, JITR

26-Sep-2015 : Pembrokeshire, Wales

24-Sep-2015 : Dan Messore Kindling Trio, Druidstone Hotel, Pembrokeshire

22-Sep-2015 : Gower Peninsula, Wales

17-Sep-2015 : Partisans, The Vortex

10-Sep-2015 : Shoreditch street art

03-Sep-2015 : Tom Cawley's Curios, Michael Janisch Paradigm Shift, Vortex

August 2015

18-Aug-2015 : Canary Wharf Jazz Festival

05-Aug-2015 : Pete Wareham's Bump, The Vortex

02-Aug-2015 : Margate Soul Weekender

July 2015

28-Jul-2015 : Can of Worms, Tunde Jegede, Alex Garnett's Bunch of Five, JITR 

23-Jul-2015 : White Flower, Valia Calda, The Vortex

16-Jul-2016 : Alex Munk Quartet, The Vortex

08-Jul-2015 : Love Supreme Festival

June 2015

30-Jun-2015 : Camilla George Quartet, John Etheridge, Quentin Collins Quintet, JITR

28-Jun-2015 : Loz Speyer's Inner Space, The Vortex

16-Jun-2015 : Louis Moholo, Vortex

10-Jun-2015 : Black Mountain, 100 Club

09-Jun-2015 : Ivo Neame Quintet, The Vortex

05-Jun-2015 : Dudley Phillips, Dan Messore Indigo Kid, The Vortex

May 2015

28-May-2015 : Corrie Dick & Friends, The Vortex

26-May-2015 : Rob Luft Band, Tori Handsley, Marc Cary Trio, JITR

April 2015

28-Apr-2015 : Let Spin, Alexander Hawkins, Nick Smart's Trogon, JITR

15-Apr-2015 : Mark Holub & Colin Webster, The Vortex

13-Apr-2015 : Freedom, The Vortex

12-Apr-2015 : Tilcara, Argentina

12-Apr-2015 : Quebrada de las Conchas, Cafayate, Argentina

12-Apr-2015 : Museo de la Pachama, Quilmes, Argentina

12-Apr-2015 : Buenos Aires

09-Apr-2015 : Bill Laurance at the 100 Club

09-Apr-2015 : transient life website launched

March 2015

08-Mar-2015 : Rome

February 2015

29-Feb-2015 :  Samuel Eagles Quartet, Rowland Sutherland and Gary Crosby's Groundation, JITR

18-Feb-2015 : Maurizio Minardi, Vortex

17-Feb-2015 : Red Kite, Vortex

15-Feb-2015 : Ben Cox, Vortex

03-Feb-2015 : Olie Brice, Vortex

January 2015

April 2014

March 2014

November 2014

30-Nov-2014: Venice

October 2014

27-Oct-2014 : Shirley Tetteh Band, Neil Charles, The Grip, JITR

10-Oct-2014: Road trip, Scotland

August 2014

10-Aug-2014: Walking in the Dolomites, northern Italy

January 2014

03-Jan-2014: Dabbling Duck, Great Massingham, Norfolk

December 2013

26-Dec-2013: Boxing Day in Dungeness & Rye

November 2013

05-Nov-2013: Fireworks, Crystal Palace

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