The Blues Bar 19-Oct-2015 - transientlife

Like some of the great venues I've known over 40-odd years of gigging (Electric Circus, CBGBs, 12 Bar Club), you wouldn't design a music venue like the Blues needs to evolve from the most unlikely beginnings, but with boundless love and passion. There's no room to swing a cat on that stage, if you want a seat, you'll have to come early, really early. It's packed, hot, sweaty with just enough grunge to remind you that this is music at its best, raw, unpolished, of the people, for the people. Everything that punk was about 40 years ago, you can trace the lineage back through all the great histories of the art we love. Long may it remain tucked behind Liberty, on the edge of Soho. Brilliant venue. Monday was another Blues Bar jam, hosted by the talented Mr Mazzantini, leader of the house band, but then followed by a host of talented musicians who simply turned up, signed up and played. Cracking way to start your week punters: Davide's Monday nights are every fortnight - come on down, you won't go home disappointed.

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