November 2015 LJF Special - Jazz & Surgery - transientlife

An extraordinary night in the theatre, in both its meanings. The much vaunted jazz and surgery night, a special for the LJF, was here. In addition to the fine musicians on offer, there were two eminent surgeons, and their team, who simulated some brain surgery.
The overall themes were to do with rote learning, which is slow and ponderous, but, with continued practise (the "10,000 hours"), the learned actions eventually becomes "second nature", where common tasks are performed without much conscious thought; different parts of the brain are used in this progression and in similar ways, the musician and the doctor embody their skill and knowledge within their grey matter and then are able "to go beyond", improvising as necessary or as the mood dictates.
On solo piano was Liam Noble and the band up was the Ollie Howell Quintet, whose album "Sutures & Stitches" was born when bandleader Ollie was in hospital for, you guessed it, brain surgery.As Jez Nelson commented, this was a likely to be a world's first. Brilliant!

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