Match & Fuse 2015 - transientlife

Promoting new and interesting bands from the UK and overseas, Match & Fuse is the labour of love of Dave Morecroft, World Service Project and erstwhile manager at The Vortex, which is where I first met him. The loose coalition of bands that M&F has attracted cross the board from the sublime to the sublimer; many of these artistes would not be able to come and play in the UK off their own bat, such are the economics and realities of the off-centre music biz, with venues closing and struggling sometimes for audiences. However, the M&F Festival is a great model to beat the man; it certainly created a buzz this weekend when the stalwart venues of Dalston (Vortex, Oto and Servants Jazz Quarters) joined forces to pull off a remarkable, well attended and joyous event that wound up around the witching hour with a massive, spontaneous musical happening when many of the musicians joined forces in Gillett Square for a giant knees-up. My thanks go to Dave and the M&F crew, of course the bands, but firstly to Debra Richards, promoter of musical ties between Switzerland, DJ and new friend for her asking me to get involved and come and the shoot the evening. The running order that transient life covered was [image #s]:
Brass Mask (ensemble led by Tom Challenger, SJQ) [1 - 13]
Kaja Draksler (solo piano, Vortex) [14 - 34]
InterStatic (guitar, keys and drums trio, SJQ) [35 - 58]
The Great Harry Hillman (quartet, Vortex) [59 - 63]
Henning (keys, voice and drums duo, SJQ) [66 - 92]
Alarmist (4-piece, Vortex) [93 - 105]
Magnus Loom (ensemble & megaphone, Downstairs Vortex) [106 - 113]
Alice Zawazki, Alex Roth & Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori (trio, SJQ) [114 - 120]
Leafcutter John & Isobel Sorling (Café Oto) [121 - 134]
Gillett Square massive and Vortex after-party [139 - 164]

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