Kairos 4tet - 18-Nov-2015 - transientlife

Me and Jeremy Maher went to see Kairos 4tet at Rich Mix. I was thinking, oh, I’ll be able to catch up with Jasper Høiby, who I haven’t seen in the flesh since Phronesis recorded their last album at The Cockpit, and Ivo Neame. But, messrs Hoiby and Neame were nowhere to be seen, reputedly away, touring with Phronesis no less. Still, the young subs who came off the bench (the brilliant young musicians Conor Chaplin and Elliot Galvin) were more than up to the task have making this gig one of the stand-outs of the week so far. Singers Marc O’Reilly and Emilia Martensson rounded out the sound on a good few numbers. But the evening’s accolade must go to Jon Scott, who I’ve seen drum many times before; however, towards the end of the gig, Jon unleashed a solo of such intense ferocity and skill that it left me and the Jezzer gobsmacked and buzzing. Wow! Thanks guys. Great night.

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