White Flower & Valia Calda 21-Jul-2015 - transientlife

On Tuesday at The Vortex, we were treated to a fine double header of White Flower, featuring the Vortex’s very own Sylvia Schmidt, followed by Valia Calda. It’s great to see these young bands coming through and imaginatively interpreting their musical influences in a manner that sounds both jazzy and rocky. Keep your eyes and ears open for both.

White Flower (images 1 - 13) are Sylvia Schmidt, voice; Will Newell, violin; Seb Silas, soprano sax.

Valia Calda (images 14  - 26) are Theo Ziarkas, bass; Nikos Ziarkas, guitar; Sam Warner, trumpet; Rob Milne, bass clarinet; Gaspar Sena, drums.

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