World Service Project 25-Nov-2015 - transientlife

As wonderful happenstance goes, falling in with the Match & Fuse crew was one of the best things to happen for me in 2015 (along with taking up the bike, of course). M&F has offered a window on a young generation of exciting musicians working in the loose category of jazz, but incorporating influences from all over the place and bringing work to the stage that exudes incredible vigour and dynamism. None more so represents this than World Service Project, brain child of Dave Morecroft, architect in chief of Match & Fuse. This was only the second time I've seen them live and as I confessed to Dave afterwards, this has been a case of ignorant neglect. They were excellent, channeling the spirit of punk with an unabashed abandon. Great stuff indeed.
Revisiting the Spread Eagle on Parkway, after an absence of a few years, was a real pleasure as well. Thanks must go to Dave, Debra and Fiona of M&F and the rest of WSP who joined us for a post-gig debrief. Brilliant night.

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