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Welcome to transient life, which is the personal photography blog and archive of Steven Cropper, who lives and works in London, UK.

Originally from the north-west of England, in Manchester for the punk explosion of 77-78, then moving to New York in 81, before settling in London in 86. Over thirty-seven years, I’ve plied my trade in the world of IT, now it’s time for other ventures principally documenting aspects of the 20 teens, especially the overlooked corners of this great city of music, in pictures.

Indeed, the true constant in my life has been a love of music, especially music heard live: from my first gig, on 19 February 1971, when I saw Deep Purple at the Kings Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester all the way through to last week at Ronnie Scotts, where I'm one of the two house photographers, or The Vortex jazz club, where I've been a regular volunteer for several years, live music has been a life-long pleasure, inspiration and joy.

These days, my interests lie mainly within the broad church that falls under the heading "jazz", which, in a way, is the ultimate experience in live music: music made in the moment, for the moment.  To me, the transient quality of the music acts as a broader metaphor for our lives: we make it up as we go along, serendipity presents us with forks in the road, we take meaning from our conscious understanding of the world and we take joy from the relationships we have and the experiences we share.  

I hope you enjoy what you see here.  Please feel free to contact me at steven@transientlife.uk or via www.facebook.com/transientlifephoto/

(Pictured are two great drummers a generation or so apart: above is Moses Boyd and to the left Jeff Williams)

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