July 2015 - headliners Alex Garnett's Bunch of Five - transientlife

This month, we were spoiled rotten for an evening of saxophony; with both bands fielding twin tenorists; what a treat!  Up first, we had George Crowley's Can of Worms and topping the bill, Alex Garnett's Bunch of Five.  There was great interplay between the two sax players in both bands and a master class in jazz drumming.  In between, there was a lovely interlude on cello and kora from Tunde Jegede.  Unfortunately, our usual host, Jez, was sick, but it was great to have Chris Philipps stand in so ably.  

Bunch of Five were: Alex Garnett, tenor sax; Brandon Allen, tenor sax; Michael Janish, bass; James Maddren, drums; Ross Stanley, piano.

Can of Worms were: George Crowley, tenor sax; Tom Challenger, tenor sax; Sam Lasserson, bass; Jon Scott, drums; Dan Nicholls, piano.

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