June 2015 - headliners Quentin Collins Quartet - transientlife

Last night on what was to be a positively tropical evening in NW8, we were treated to fine example of what has made this innovative series of gigs so unique and special. How the sunshine and the warmth brings out the best in people: the Windsor Castle, where we have traditionally met for our pre-gig pint and Thai was brimming with good vibes; our crew had turned out in good number with two brand-new JITR virgins amongst us (one of them "stolen" from The Vortex).

In the up-and-coming slot was the very talented Camilla George Quartet whose straight-ahead style set the band sound for the evening - sadly the packed programme allows for only a few songs, but these are new musicians to watch.

In the solo slot was the very fine John Etheridge with a stirring improv that gradually got heavier and rockier in a very persuasive manner. John kept the crowd happy with an entertaining anecdote or two before this set.

The top slot this month went to Quentin Collins and his quartet of Andrew McCormack (piano), Mark Lewandowski (bass) and Gene Calderazzo (drums). They swung the heck out of the old Cockpit with their bop-infused helping of good vibes. The post-gig, al fresco debrief was buzzing with unanimous thumbs ups from the transient life posse. Great stuff.

A call to have John come back on and jam with the band had to be turned down, to our great regret, for lack of time, but with so much goodness on offer, no one was complaining too hard.

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