Match & Fuse Labtrio and Dinosaur - transientlife

A remarkable opening night of the 2015 London Jazz Festival. At Kings Place, there were two Match & Fuse gigs, one of which I covered. First up was the very talented Labtrio, who played their own compositions plus interesting “covers” of the theme from Twin Peaks and the aria of the Goldberg Variations by JS Bach. Up next were Dinosaur who featured the foursome of Laura Jurd, Elliot Galvin, Conor Chaplin and Corrie Dick; top notch playing and soloing from this young band. With so much talent coming through, the future of this music seems pretty safe.

Labtrio - images 1 - 19
The "fuse" of Labtrio and Dinosaur - images 28 - 43
Dinosaur - images 44-59

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