Tori Handsley Trio 25-Feb-2106 - transientlife

For me, a long overdue return to Mau Mau on Portobello Road. What a perfect little club, warm, lush, friendly vibes with great music over the PA before the main act, which had at least one punter on his feet. This music needs to be heard by a wider audience so I asked the guvnor when is she heading into the studio with these stellar collaborators? Soon, she said, when things can get tied down. If you’ve never seen a harp fronting a tight and funky 3-piece, you’re in for a treat when the record comes out; not only does she lead the charge, but, between times, she adds beautiful washes of colour and texture to the sound.
A 10 out of ten night – it was great to catch up with all three of them, to hang out with Will & Steve as well and to meet Adam, the creative force behind jazz:refreshed. It’ll be a lot less than ten years before I’m back for a third visit.

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