Dan Messore's Kindling Trio 24-Sep-2015 - transientlife

Oh man, this was a memorable night.  I've seen Dan Messore before in other formations (Indigo Kid, View From The Tower, etc.), but tonight he was with his 8-year-old trio, Kindling Trio.  Alongside Dan on guitar, we have Jack Beddis on drums and Joe Webb on keys.  Apart the excellence of the music, the fourth star of the show was undoubtedly the venue itself, the Druidstone Hotel.  Somehow, when Dan heard that I was planning a trip to Wales, he messaged me to tell me about the upcoming gig.  I'm very grateful for that tip-off.
This place is extraordinary: it is set right on the Pembrokeshire coast path, just above the Atlantic waves crashing a couple of hundred feet below; the setting of the sun is a gorgeous sight; when moon replaces the sun and braziers are alight in the garden, the special mood is complete.
Inside, the hotel is no less wondrous; stuffed to the gunnels with interesting objects and sculptures and just-so perfect lighting, candles and bunting; it would be the most extraordinary place to spend Christmas.Anyhow, this is a definite candidate for gig of the year; it just pushed so many buttons.  Thanks Dan for the tip.

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