Filomena Campus 29-Oct-2015 - transientlife

A joyous night at The Vortex featuring the brilliant singer Filomena Campus and her many talented friends and fellow musicians including:
Nana Simopoulos, guitar and sitar
Laura Cole, piano
Tori Handlsey, harp
Ettore Fioravanti, drums
Oli Brice, double bass
Alison Blunt, violin
Hannah Marshall, cello
Michael Grebil, electronics
Rachel Musson, tenor sax
Dee Byrne, sax

Also, I brought along a couple of Vortex virgins, colleagues from the City, Stepanie Bordier and Aloke Singh, who really enjoyed themselves. Helping behind the bar were Paul Walker, on the door Dick Pole and night manager Sylvia Schmidt. Great stuff!

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