06-Nov-2016 WW4640 Crockham Hill - transientlife

UK-based outdoor enthusiasts, check out www.walkingworld.com. It’s full of user-submitted walks of between 3 and 12 miles apiece, the shots here are from walk # 4640, in the Kentish north Downs, around Crockham Hill. It was a sullen, moody afternoon today, but with a knapsack on your back, hot sweet tea in a Thermos as fuel, a couple of bananas (don’t toss the skin, they take two years to decompose), boots on, there’s nothing like it for blowing the cobwebs out and setting up the appetite for a good dinner later. You can stop for a pint half way round. Luckily we missed the rain, which came in cold squalls minutes after making it back to the car.

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