Bristol Fashion - transientlife

Bristol Fashion: hours of walking around this wonderful city. Apart from a 1970s weekend of Bible study and prayerful contemplation with the Methodists (yes, you read that right), this was the first time I’d overnighted in Bristol. What a great city to walk around, especially on a bright and cold early spring day. From a base on the Gloucester Road, the walk first took in the well-to-do neighbourhood of Clifton – alas, we didn’t visit the famous Brunel suspension bridge this time – but, there’s still a lot to see on these lovely streets, with their distinctive sandstone buildings. Having no fixed itinerary, we meandered aimlessly until we chanced upon the Stokes Croft district. Here’s where for me, the city really comes alive: it’s a pleasing warren of fading, somewhat dilapidated streets; everywhere you look, there’s something that catches the eye; maybe it’s the presence of such a large student cohort, but there’s some radical chic on display here – independent shops, cafes and bars, the Bristol pound welcome here, the opposition to gentrification and blandification that have reduced many British towns to an identikit, lifeless homogeneity. Looking forward to the return match.

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