Steven Cropper, photographer at Ronnie Scotts & elsewhere

Stare wide-eyed at the world | Preserve your sense of wonder | Cherish all that’s remarkable | For you turn around and it’s gone

I am a photographer living and working in London. Loving music all my life, my principal interests are in music photography, but I can shoot landscape and architecture [see transientworld], indeed anything in ambient light: I don’t do studio work - maybe I should learn one day, but I’m busy enough as it is. I’ve been documenting the London scene since around 2012 and it’s jazz where I’ve landed in my maturity, although I grew up on pop and rock; there was a time when I listened only to classical music, then dance music and, through acid jazz, I’ve finally made it to jazz itself. But what is jazz? Well, it’s the ultimate experience in live music: music made in the moment, for the moment. For me, the transient quality of the music acts as a broader metaphor for our lives: we are all creative, we make up our lives as we go along; serendipity presents us with forks in the road; we take meaning from our conscious understanding of the world, we take joy from the relationships we have and the experiences we share. I want to share this love with others, and I’m doing it with pictures.