Jazz In The Round, The Cockpit, 29 Oct 2018

The penultimate Monday Jazz In The Round of 2018 - how come the years fly by with increasing alacrity? Anyhow, what a gig it was, strong in all three sets. Headlining were a band I’d been unlucky enough never to have seen before, the Jessica Lauren 4.

From top left, we have Cosimo Keita Cadore (drums), Suman Joshi (double bass), Jessica Lauren (keys, vocals) and David “Booie” Gallagher (percussion). Great band playing foot-tapping tunes and radiating positivity and goodwill. Nice.

BeFunky-collage (65).jpg

In the solo slot, was former headliner Jean Toussaint improvising his way through his set and slowly turning around mindful he had his audience circling him. The Cockpit offers this very unusual in-the-round experience on a monthly basis.

BeFunky-collage (63).jpg

First up were Brother’s Testatment, a fine new and young band that I cannot wait to see again playing their own gig.

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